1. How would you like to buy a domain for $10,000 and sell it for $50,000 four months later? That happened with one of this week's top sales while a ccTLD led the chart.
  2. When domains are put up for sale owners usually try to sell them individually but, in addition to the occasional portfolio sale, we are now seeing tighter packages of domains and other assets offered together.
  3. The new weekly domain sales report is out and it was another big week for domain sales, especially since Uniregistry added their muscle to the mix.
  4. If you operate a .ORG website or have one planned, you might want to make a trip to Washington DC this fall for a free community forum meant for you.
  5. With domain investor meetups in Asheville & New Delhi and one of the industry's pioneers holding court online, it was a great weekend to soak up domain expertise.